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With the ongoing and widespread changes in the job and hiring markets, talent acquisition strategies have undergone a fast-paced renaissance. Employer branding, onboarding processes, and company culture have all experienced innovations and process improvements – and many companies have already begun to reap the benefits of these changes.

Recently, the introduction of data-driven processes to employer branding has yielded consistently positive results for businesses looking to attract top-level talent. For many businesses, employer branding has served as an essential tool for navigating the current hiring landscape. This explains why 86 percent of companies currently list employer branding as one of their top priorities.[i] By taking steps to optimize employer branding, companies have been able to expand and update their candidate attraction strategy.

However, a survey done by Universum found that only 50 percent of companies are currently implementing data-driven processes.[ii] To keep up with increasing hiring needs in the current work landscape, companies will need to use more data-driven processes to ensure they’re taking advantage of the global talent pool.

Alongside employer branding, many companies have begun to reflect on and improve their culture. Methods like DE&I programs and more inclusive hiring have helped significantly strengthen many businesses’ company culture. As a candidate attraction strategy, a more inclusive, positive work environment can serve as an effective employer branding tool and increase employee retention.

Taking time to educate your workforce on your DE&I strategy, reflecting on ways you can improve company culture, and taking feedback from employees on potential DE&I improvements are all effective ways to improve company culture. Through these methods, you’ll ensure that you’re attracting highly-skilled talent as you become increasingly known for positive company culture.

In terms of onboarding processes, many companies have struggled to keep up with the changes brought about by the hybrid work landscape.[iii] Now, businesses are enlisting the help of third-party services to hasten the digitization of their onboarding processes and significantly decrease time-to-hire. For companies struggling to integrate with an onboarding service, partnering with a third-party service that handles talent management and onboarding could be an effective and useful tool.

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