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In today’s ever-advancing data and tech filled world, the need for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) talent transcends industries. With this growing need, non-STEM companies are increasingly finding themselves competing for the same STEM talent as big name companies. With a recent study showing that 87 percent of middle and high school students think STEM employment means working for companies such as NASA, how can your company breakthrough and connect with the STEM talent you need to be successful? Here are four tips to help your non-STEM company better attract STEM talent:

Tap into Alternative Talent Pools

Because non-STEM companies may not be naturally attracting the talent they need to fill STEM-related positions, it is important to keep in mind that there are many pools of great talent that often go unrecognized during the hiring process. Be open to shifting some of your company’s traditional hiring strategies to tap into less-traditional talent streams. Consider looking for your next highly-skilled STEM employee in alternative talent sources such as freelance or contract workers, open-sourced talent, part-time candidates, etc. Your company can even build its own candidate pool by adopting internship/co-op programs that pipeline new hires into the organization.

Provide Purpose and Meaning

A recent LinkedIn survey of global talent trends revealed that 74 percent of participating candidates want to pursue a career where they feel as if their work matters. Whether it’s through promoting strong company values and ethics, creating a collaborative company culture, or providing opportunities for social responsibility, smart companies use their purpose to promote meaning to gain a competitive edge in the talent market. Highlighting the ways your company provides fulfillment in the workplace can help you attract and retain STEM talent.

Re-Vamp Your Job Postings

While job postings are a good way for your company to screen and filter candidates, they are also tools for candidates to screen your company. According to Monster, 63 percent of job seekers find that job descriptions lack adequate information on company culture and values. To ensure your company is attracting top STEM talent, consider re-vamping your job postings. Share the character and values of your company in addition to presenting the position. Take job postings as another opportunity to attract talent, and not just a general listing of the job requirements.

Offer Personal Growth and Benefits

Today’s STEM talent are interested in more than just the title and salary. Studies have shown that opportunities for personal growth, benefits, and work-life balance are equally as important when considering a position. As a recent Gallup poll shows, 87 percent of millennials value opportunities for professional growth and development. This can be a great selling point to attract the talent your company needs. Offer training programs, mentorships, room for internal promotions, etc. Make sure to show candidates the benefits of being a STEM employee at a non-STEM company, such as greater autonomy, flexibility, and leadership opportunities.

Attracting STEM talent to a non-STEM company can add a layer of complexity to the hiring process, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Having the STEM talent need to stay innovative and adapt to change, means your company will be ready and able to keep pace in a rapidly-evolving, global marketplace. Looking for expert advice to support your STEM recruiting goals? AllSTEM can help.