Three Tools Your Company Can Use to Tap into the Passive Candidate STEM Pool
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Although already employed and not actively seeking jobs, passive candidates are still open to hearing and accepting better opportunities. Making up 75% of the workforce, passive candidates are the experienced and high skilled employees many companies are looking for, especially in the fields of STEM. This makes them more challenging to recruit. Here are three tools your company can use to access the passive candidate pool:

Utilize Your Employees

A good way to source passive candidates is to use one of the best resources you already have: your employees. As your employees most likely have a connections to other top talent, further your passive candidate recruitment by creating an employee referral program. Passive candidates are more likely to take interest in what your company has to offer when the connection is being made through people they already know and trust. In fact, according to CareerBuilder, 82% of employers cited employee referrals as being the best return on investment. Utilizing employee referrals will additionally help you cut recruitment costs, ease onboarding, and decrease turnover.

Reach Out Through Social Media, Especially LinkedIn

With over 630 million global users, LinkedIn and other social media sites are great resources for finding talent. As LinkedIn has established itself as a top professional platform, it is filled with both active and passive candidates presenting their employment experience and skill sets. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s advanced search options and recruiter resources to find and reach out to the passive candidates that fit the position your company is looking for. As over 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to help inform their decision, it is important your company maintains a strong online presence.

Connect Through a Staffing Agency

While many companies believe that utilizing a staffing agency may not be cost effective, the reality is that the right agency can save companies a lot of time, money, and labor. Staffing agencies also come with a vast network of connections, especially in specialized fields such as STEM. Constantly informed on the various evolving demands of employment and continually building long-term connections with talent, staffing agencies are a great resource to help your company access and recruit passive candidates. In fact, according to LinkedIn, staffing agencies spend approximately 80 to 90% of their time networking and sourcing these experienced and highly-skilled candidates.

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